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100 Series Alkyd Enamel

Most widely used maintenance enamel with relatively quick dry times that are manageable on all but the largest of jobs or in extremely hot weather. Perfect for oilfield maintenance and similar jobs. Available in low VOC versions.

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111 Series Medium Oil Alkyd Enamel

A relatively slow dry product good for large jobs where faster materials are not manageable. Excellent for trailer manufactures, large tank batteries, and similar type jobs. Also can be brushed or rolled. Available in low VOC versions.

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200 Series Fast Dry Enamel

Primarily used where a fast dry product is needed for quick delivery or manufacturing needs dictate a 10 minute handling time in a low tech environment. Also can be modified for dipping applications when dry times need to be extremely fast.

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300 Series Epoxy Coating

Two component product, cures to hard, tough film resistant to Alkyds, water, solvents, and splash or spills of dilute acids. Ideal product were gloss and color retention are not an issue: floor coatings, etc.

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600 Series Hi-Heat Coating

A single package, heat resistance silicone base coating for the exterior protection of hot metal surfaces. Colors are rated for temperatures up to 600°F, and Aluminum is rated for up to 1200°F.

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800 Series Acrylic Enamel

An excellent choice in production situations, where less than a 5 minute dry time is needed for handling or packaging. A good choice for electric motor re-build shops, fishing lure manufactures, parts castings, etc.

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811 Series Acrylic Modified Enamel

A good choice where more color and gloss retention are required but a urethane is not feasible. Also an excellent choice for economical automotive overalls, bake shops, etc.

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4000 Series Acrylic Urethane

Best choice where long term color & gloss retention are needed. Best used over 300 Series Epoxy Primers for extreme service. Available in low VOC versions.

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4400 Series High Solids Acrylic Urethane

A High Solids, Low VOC version of our 4000 Series, which demonstrates excellent gloss and color retention with superior chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance. Very Tenacious when applied directly to raw steel.

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5000 Series Direct To Metal

Single package self priming. This product is an excellent choice when a job dictates maximum economies with a little better performance than a typical Alkyd Enamel. Available in low VOC versions.

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9000 Series Water Reducible Alkyd

A Water Reducible Alkyd Enamel that is extremely low in VOC content, more friendly to the environment, but has all the quality of a solvent system when it comes to price, gloss, and dry times. Also performs well direct to metal.

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CPS Intermix

CPS Intermix gives you access to over a thousand colors matched to Federal Standard, British RAL, and INDUSTRIAL Color System Standards. All formulas can be mixed in a variety of systems.

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